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Yesterday we had boiled eggs for breakfast. A change from scrambled. We have no egg cups so some creativity was called for. Patrick thought that cutting the egg box up. Would work but as  it was a full egg box I didn’t believe it would work because I reckon you need about 4 spaces to make a semi stable egg cup. I, however, had the brilliant idea of cutting an inch off the Antigua tourist advertising map and turning this into a ring (like a napkin ring) held with electrical tape. This worked absolutely perfectly. We had good soft boiled eggs, well I did anyway as he opted for 5 minutes which I think made them too hard I went for 4 which was perfect and had soldiers with them.

After breakfast, as the wind had shifted to the WSW I gybed and put the pole out again on the starboard side. This worked well.

At about coffee time Patrick saw a whale. We both jumped up for a look and  a couple of minutes later he surfaced again, only about 20 metres off, a big black job. We are pretty sure it was a fin whale, he only breathed, coasted and dived so I only saw him for about 30 seconds and Patrick 30 seconds x 2 but it was great to see him anyway, particularly so close by.

From lunch time a bit of a North Westerly swell started to arrive and increased the rolling, it’s been with us ever since, we’re doing a good speed goosewinged but rolling like a tickled puppy. Most wearing, we’re hoping for a record day’s run,  we probably ought to put the clocks forward, my telephone  says that the Azores are on GMT whereas their longitude would indicate that they should be on GMT -2, if anyone could enlighten  us we would be grateful. If we have to go to GMT or even GMT +1  we’ll need to move the clocks several more times before we get there.

Slainte Jock, Patrick and Yemaya.

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May 03

Azores is GMT

A whale! Nature’s beautiful present

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