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Wind Socks

Yesterday was more of the same, even down to lunch and dinner!

The forecast for last night was poor, with 26 gusting 34 knots from the Northwest. I had fully rolled up the genoa by dinner time and before going to bed put the third reef in the main sail.

It was a pretty uncomfortable night and only a bit better this morning. The PV panels needed some tlc to their restraining lanyards during thr night too, with two, one on each of the windward ones having lost one of its two lanyards. I replaced the forward one  and hoped for thr best with the after one as it would only come up against the runner if it lost its tie down, which it did. Its now tied down in the stowed position until the weather looks better.

I put socks and shoes o this morning for the first time since leaving the UK as my feet got cold in flip flops, out in the gale, whilst tying down the PV panel.

The forecast is for more of the same until Saturday afternoon. Hey ho! We’re hoping it wont be as ad as last night.


Jock and all.

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May 16

Poor guys, what can you offer to Neptune?

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