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An uncomfortable day yesterday. It was, and is, blowing about 20 kts from the NNW with a 3m sea / swell running. Its mostly pretty wet in The cockpit, the temperature is down to about 14 degrees and we spend most of our time down below. The sun did come out for a short time yesterday afternoon but watchkeeping is mostly a question of sitting below reading.

The forecast is for the sea to die a little today and for the wind to back more to the West which would be good, we should then be able to get some meaningful genoa out  with the wind more around on the beam, unfortunately the forecast, medium term, now is for more N and NNE winds at the weekend which won’t be comfortable or speedy. If we’re lucky these maybe will change, I hope so. Currently we’re planning to make landfall off NW Ireland but, depending on forecast, we may end up going Southabout and up the Irish sea.


Jock and all.

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May 15

Sailing, wet and windy. Raining in Holland on our small boat. Uncomfy the word.

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