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Join us on Yemaya for an unforgettable sailing adventure!

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Yemaya is a beautiful sailing yacht, skippered by Jock Hamilton, with welcoming accommodation below decks. More details here

Book with us and we will endeavour to give you a wonderful holiday combining sailing with:

  • Wildlife

  • Golf

  • Castles

  • Fine Dining

  • Hill Walking

  • Cycling

  • Gardens

  • Distillery Tours

or any or none of the above, if you want to just sit back and enjoy the scenery.

On the wildlife front the following are amongst species  often seen in the area: Eagles - Golden and White tailed, Buzzards, Ospreys, Guillemots, Razorbills, Puffins, Gannets, Kittiwakes, Fulmars, Cormorants, Shags, Geese and Ducks of  various flavours along with other coastal and native  birds, Deer; Red and Roe, Otters, Porpoises, Dolphins, Whales, Basking Sharks, Seals.  None are guaranteed but many  will be seen most week. 

If you have a particular interest we will do all we can to keep you happy bearing in mind the wishes of the other guests. Of course if you book the whole boat we will only be constrained by the time and weather in trying to fulfil your wishes.  For the more adventurous, we are in amongst the Highlands of Scotland, there are mountaineering possibilities on Arran, and around the Arrochar Alps, accessible from the head of Loch Long for those, equipped,  confident and competent to use them. It should  also be possible to arrange a multi activity holiday combining almost  any  combination of walking / climbing, canoeing, cycling, golf, swimming, rowing and running. Please don't think that a normal holiday needs to be exhausting, as much or as little as wished can be undertaken.

A guitar, playing cards and a selection of games are carried.

Your Beagle Cruise Inclusive Holiday

Holidays start on Sunday afternoon at Tighnabruaich Pier and we would generally sail once all are aboard. We aim to provide a relaxing cruise type holiday, sailing or motoring as appropriate to new areas of interest each day  and participating ashore in whatever seems fun.  Normally we’ll return to Tighnabruaich for Friday evening. Guests depart after breakfast on Saturday.

Running Yemaya is a team process and all are invited to participate in the running of her, both on deck and in the galley, through the week. All food is provided, the Skipper is a good cook and we  take pride in providing good, locally sourced where possible, food and seafood. Seafood is wonderful in the area.

Yemaya is a medium sized sailing yacht and a reasonable degree of mobility is required. She may not be suitable for younger children or  those with mobility impairments please contact us to discuss possibilities.


We  aim to provide a relatively relaxing and comfortable holiday seeing, feeling, smelling and tasting the local area and participating in activities like golf, cycling, walking, sightseeing and so on  rather than spending all the time sailing. Having said that some good sailing should also be likely. In high winds / seas we will generally stay  in sheltered waters, we are keen not to frighten anyone.  Please let us know if you have particular interests so we can anticipate your wishes where appropriate.


There are  world class eateries in the area  (not necessarily expensive) and we  would  expect to eat ashore once or twice, this is not included in the pricing and is of course entirely optional.


Wine is mid range and a complementary glass of wine, or soft drink, is included with dinner.

Due to the Covid Situation and the difficulty of forecasting the impact by the spring, along with the difficulty of segregation on a Yacht we have been advised it may be safer to take group bookings only. As we’re keen to allow singles or couples etc. to book:  for individuals wishing to book some but not all of Yemaya you will be asked to contact / meet up with your fellow guests prior to joining us. If you  have not met up prior to arrival in Tighnabruaich then there are a couple of pleasant coffee shops in the village along with several pleasant walks of various lengths,  that we can suggest, for socialising purposes. Thus the holiday will be as a group who already are familiar (ish!) with each other. Obviously, you will also need to be comfortable with this idea along with us passing your contact details to the other guests on your holiday to enable you to make contact with each other. 


The aft cabin is considerably  more comfortable and private than other berths and comes with sheets and duvets. 

Your Beagle Cruises Skippered Charter.

A whole boat skippered charter can be similar or very different to an inclusive cruise, it's  up to you. You may opt for a more traditional basic skippered charter. This may be more suitable for groups or families wishing to drive their own itinerary and catering experience. Up to 8 may be carried. Destinations may be more far flung if wished - Ireland or the  Scottish West Coast (ie. outside the Mull of Kintyre) are eminently possible, weather depending. Multi week charters are possible with the intervening weekend being included. We would not take the RIB with us on any charter likely  to leave the inner Clyde area and would rely on a smaller inflatable carried in the cockpit locker. For non inclusive  Skippered charter  you will provide the food and pay for diesel, petrol, and other ancillary costs like marina / mooring fees as appropriate this should represent a saving on the inclusive charter. (Depending on fuel and marina use of course.)

The Inner Clyde.

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