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Bookings and Prices for Sailing Holidays.

Cruise with Skipper.


Cruise for Individuals / small groups all inclusive.

Berths may be booked on an ad hoc basis per night at £100 per person per 24 hours all inclusive.

Whole boat and up to 6 Guests £600 per 24 hours inclusive.

High Season: July and August prices are £660.




Bookings and Prices for  Non Inclusive Charters.

Whole boat with Skipper  Non inclusive. Up to 8 guests. (quite crowded!) £450  per 24 hours. Berthing (marina fees) fuel and food etc. all paid by charterer.

To make a booking, please get in touch, with your address and or email  and we will send a booking form.  tel - 01700 811317 / 07899 825149

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