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Watches and Watches

I was confused yesterday morning. I had done the 2100 to midnight watch and handed over to Patrick at midnight with the engine being needed to start within the next hour, next thing I knew I woke up with the engine running and my watch saying 0340, I asked Patrick what time it was and he said twenty to, and mumbled something else. I double checked my watch, assumed he had fallen asleep on watch with the engine running and once the engine had stopped I went back to sleep. I heard Hunter coming on about an hour later  and thought that They had changed watch at 0500. I awoke next at 0830 and took over from Hunter who went to bed, but had asked me how long the engine had run in the night so I said, I thought about 4 hours because I thought Patrick had slept which was why Hunter had been called at 0500 but he said, no, the engine had been stopped at 0300 when he cane on watch.

Patrick and I had breakfast at 0900 and I recorded a disappointing noon run, we then had lunch (soup) at 1300 and left some in the pan ifor Hunter. We then had a discussion about the time and after various checks it looked like my watch was two hours fast.  

This turned out to be the case. I cant’ think how it changed, it is a radio controlled watch that keeps itself on time with radio signals, but I’m unsure if it would get one here, and to change the time manually is a convoluted process involving many buttons and long holds, so I cannot understand how it happened. Anyway it did. Luckily I hadn’t had a go at Patrick for sleeping on watch!

We did a better mileage once I had corrected my watch, of 164 and have, currently 815 to go.

Last night was lovely and comfortable, we had full genoa, staysail and double  reefed main, I shook out a reef this morning but had to put it in again about an hour later.

As it was nice this morning I made scrambled eggs, the 5th of 6 that I broke into the pan, having float tested them all mind you, was rotten and, sadly, I had to throw the whole lot away. Next attempt had me breaking them individually into a mug before adding them to the pan and it’s as well that I did as another rotten one appeared.

The forecast is for increasing and veering winds so it looks like last night was the best for a bit as we’ll have strong winds again from the N and even some NNE for a short time before they go light.


Jock and all.

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