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Pineapple Express

Well it’s the middle of the afternoon, I’ve had the assymetric up but not deployed be cause it was a little tangled and once I’d brought it down the wind had gone astern so I put it away and set up the genoa goosewinged on the pole, the minute this was set the wind went on the beam again so I gybed the genoa and we had a  few hours of that but the wind is. now on the nose again and we’re  close hauled on the port tack heading a  bit North of track.

We were making 7 knots for a bit but are back down to about 2 again, we should pass North of the British Virgin Islands tonight.

I’d omitted to mention that last night, just as the rain squall hit, I broke my glasses so had to break out a spare pair. I’ll try to glue them together on a dry day, it’s been pouring all day and theres been no sun so the solar panels aren’t doing much.

I’ve just finished Birdsong, Sebastian Faulks book about the 1st world war, thanks Stephen for leaving that, excellent.

It’s going to be mince this evening, not quite sure how yet but there’s some from the Canaries that needs eating and I’ll probably just have it as mince and tatties.

I’d been finding the headings a little confusing and not matching expectations, there is 15 degrees of variation here, or difference between True and Magnetic Norht but this wasn’t enough for the discrepancies. It turned out that a large tin of Pineapple Juice (special request for something, not sure what ) had been stowed inappropriately close to the magnetic sensor for the compass which had introduced another 20 degrees of error. Things making more sense now!

Really frustrating, we’re rolling around a bit in the slop and the wind’s died again so I’ve put the motor on again.. I’m not sure how easy it’s going to be to get fuel in Cuba so would prefer to use the engine less rather than more but rolling around and not moving is too expensive on the sails.

Well I’m going to meke a fresh pot of tea and hope it improves things,

Slaintes for now


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09 Feb

Eat the ananas as desert and it will not happen again. Fair winds

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