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Liquid Lunch

Another uncomfortable day yesterday mmmmmwith slow progress. The wind is now East of North ie on the nose the sea is lessening but still 2.5m and acting quite often as an opposing forward in the scrum.

The virtaul keyboard is doing its irritating thing and disappears any time there is an acceleration on the boat, ie, every other wave and puttin in an m or series of them mmjust to annoy me.

Its looking I cooked a one pot pressure cooker sausage casserole which was possibly mmore fluid than ideal. With sundowners I had made oatcakes with cheese and salami and handed them out using pasta bowls which were then re used fir the casserole. As its quite bouncy and we are heeled to starboard quite a bit, Patrick was sitting on the starboard  saloon berth. I had thrown spoons for eating to him from the galley and then passed him his bowl of casserole, the spoons had ended up on the table, he initially struggled to keep the fluid in the bowl, and then, having sucked some fluid from it tried to get his spoon from the table, at which point a violent lurch sent half of the casserole down his front.  By this time we all had bowls to contend with and had to try balancing the casserole whilst fetching the paper towels from the galley.

Im going to guve up now, the motion for the keyboard is too irritating 450 miles to go.



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Chris Clark
Chris Clark
19 Μαΐ

Hi Patrick and Jock, can’t wait to compare adventures with you Patrick back on Fosse Rd. Nicky and I have cycled as far as Cordoba, we will

look out to sea in Cadiz with our bino’s and imagine where you are. we will be back around 17th June. You will be able to dine out in this trip for a few years to come. Well done! Love Chris and Nicky.

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18 Μαΐ

Hope there was some casserole left for poor Patrick…

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