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ETA Azores on Thursday

I ended up gybing mid morning yesterday, well gybing the main and leaving the pole out to starboard which worked well, we seem to be able to go a bit lower with the pole out, but the main thing was that we were rolling a. Lot less.

Patrick made an enterprising lunch of roast vegetables, smoked sausages and fried rice which was delicious. We seem to have about 6 pots of left overs now - chllli, roast vegetables, Sausage and rice, mince and tatties, bolognese and curry,   Which will last most of the rest of the way if we’re not too bored of them by then. The fridge is looking less full and I cleared out some of the bottles of water and the water that has collected from condensation in the bottom of a blue bucket I keep in the fridge along with the 3 red plastic boxes for order. As it’s not that hot we’re not drinking chilled water much anymore. We’re in sleeping bags now albeit not yet done up.

As it’s Saturday we’ll have the choice of crisps or crunchy orange nik naks tonight, it’s Patrick’s choice so I suspect it’ll be crisps.

Not much wildlife to report although a tern landed on the pushpit yesterday and we’ve seen several ‘sail by the winds’. We’ve not seen any signs of ships, yachts or anything for over a week now, presumably we’ll see more as we approach the azores.

We had been hopeful of a record day yesterday. but it was only 180 miles so a record for this leg but we’ve done 190 before on the leg to the Caribbean  so not as exciting as hoped for.

We’ve currently 681 miles to go and are hoping  to be in Horta for the 9th.

When I talk about food on here I know not much has happened so yesterday was obviously fairly uneventful!


Jock, Patrick and  Yemaya.

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