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Trying to get a shower here is not that straightforward, we pay enough for the berth but the showers still cost 3 dollars a go and the showers don’t open until 0700 and close at 1700. Where to buy the tokens is at the office which doesn’t open until 0800 ish. I wanted a shower but hadn’t a token. I did the blog and pottered about a bit and then met Martin who had kindly bought me a token. He was going for a coffee and invited me to join him, which I did and we had a coffee at the hotel opposite. It was fine but at 9 dollars quite expensive. 9 US per coffee. I tried for a shower after this but the lady was cleaning so it wasn’t possible. Back on the boat rounds of coffee and toast were being handed out. Once breakfast was finished Martin and I rowed to the opposite side where there is a chandlery and I bought two foot switches for the windlass, they came as a pair, at the remarkable price of 12.6 US Dollars. Martin then worked on the internet, uploading crew details and things, I worked on the windlass and everyone else went for a walk to look at getting gas and just for fun. The switch was installed quite quickly and I stripped the windlass down, cleaned and greased it and re built it. Getting the final bit on was quite challenging and. I had to dig out some bits on the deck to allow it to fit. Disappointingly the finished article is much smoother to run but still quite stiff for pulling chain up from down below. Testing revealed some issues with the solenoid but once those were resolved with some cleaning and drying it seems to be working fine. Other jobs we did were to put the anchor chain ashore so we can come back to the same place without picking it up all the time, I took the radar off the mast, changed the fuel filter and Katharine and Sally made up some bunting for  dressing the boat for some colour.

We had been invited to an evening of the ‘Tot’ society and enjoyed a tot of rum at 1800 along with a bit of a ceremony and I caught up with two other Bowman owners during this. We had chicken biryani, for dinner, thanks Katharine and played Perudo before an early night..

Slainte Jock and all.

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