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Pepper Spray

I forgot to give distances yesterday, for 27th it was 133 miles run and yesterday it was a new record, for this part of the trip, of 164 miles. We’ve currently 1333 miles to run to Horta.

Not much to report from yesterday, it was lighter in the morning and I got some more genoa out but by mid morning it had picked up again and continued at about 21-28 kts all day so I rolled most of it up again. It was quite lurchy as there are big waves coming through still. In the middle of the night the wind went astern and I spent an hour dropping the main and staysail, putting the pole on and putting it out to starboard with the genoa, this was good in that it stopped the sail backing and filling and we picked up speed but now it’s much rollier than before, a penalty of downwind sailing.

There was a banging coming from the lockers above the cooker and i went to sort it out this morning finding the pepper grinder had lost it screw on the top, the thing had come to bits and all the pepper corns spilled out. I cleared it up but despite having been through all of the lockers, cannot find the screw top for it. I can’t think where it can have got to, I would have thought it would have to be in the locker but it isn’t. Hopefully it’ll turn up somewhere. I’ll see if I have a nut that will fit it in the meantime.

I tried to make flapjacks last night but they aren’t that good, i don’t have a recipe so made it up as I went along and they are OK ish but pretty crumbly.

We had spaghetti bolognese last night, or penne bolognese rather and I managed to spill some on my shorts, it’s about time I changed them anyway so  it wasn’t the end of the world.

Patrick has shunned the aft cabin as too uncomfortable and noisy (autopilot driver) and has now taken up residence in the bottom bunk in the walk through cabin, I wonder how long he’ll like it there I’m in the main saloon. I took the deckhead down yesterday and have a yoghurt pot, well, mackie’s ice cream container actually, catching the drips which is a big improvement, it appears, so far, that the leak is now only from the hatch so my repair on the mast base thing seems to have worked. Fingers crossed.


Jock, Patrick and Yemaya.

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