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We are just passing the halfway point to the Azores.  Only halfway, it seems a long time already.  Jock is prepping for supper as conditions should ensure that profanities that ensue from every unexpected roll (who would have thought that) are minimised.  Just an average of 3 swears for each potato being sliced and chased on the counter.

I conclude Jock is built in a different way, he can stretch and get his centre of gravity lower.  Im certainly not designed to walk in flip flops across the deck. Yoga lessons are needed.

Days of reading but a disaster as downloaded books didn’t load on my Kindle. So it may have to be one of the 50 sailing disaster books on the shelf to read next. No romantic novels or murder stories to take my mind away from sailing.

I think sailing this far is a little like running a marathon.  You know its going to take ages, i know i haven’t trained and the mind has to be kept busy to help the miles click by.  I always find miles 14 to 20 the hardest, so i’ll see how the next 4 days go. I know if i get passed 18 miles I won’t hit the wall and sprint to the finish at 26 miles.

The tool kit has been out most days(more profanities as screws/bolts etc don’t move) and I am amazed how many jobs he can undertake and succeed.The reasons not to own a boat keep increasing.

Conversation is good, but i think Jock misses a portrait of Margaret Thatcher to say goodnight to.

So good to know I’m in safe hands even if i am of very little help.  

Take care, Patrick

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May 01

It is cleat you both are getting along excellently

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