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Windy but Pressing On

A pretty miserable day yesterday, last night and today, after breakfast yesterday I stowed the Mainsail and we carried on through the day to the NW on about 1/3 of the genoa, wind increasing from the SW and veering to W. By tea time I rollled up the genoa and put up the No1 staysail, this took a bit to get set Ok as the halyard stretches so I have to keep tightening it. Speed increased to 7 knots, close hauled on port tack, well fairly close anyway. She seemed comfortable enough most of the time but an occasional wave would give us quite a bang or knock, Ideally I’d have liked to slow some more but the thought of stowing the sail and fishing out the storm sail or No 2 wasn’t appealing so I decided she was probably fine for the night and we pressed on.

This morning the wind died. I put the main up and unrolled some genoa having stowed the No 1 Staysail, the wind went to the North and quickly increased to 20 kts again. We’re now barrelling along at about 5 1/2 knots to the SW. ‘

The self steering jammed and we gybed earlier, undramatic but annoying. There are stops for the wind vane and it has a tendency to jam on the stop and so go off course, I took the stops off and they were a little distorted, I bent them back as best I could and re fitted them. It’s working fine for the moment.

New Wildlife today:

A Common tern, very delicate and pretty in comparison to the Fulmars, although I, for some strange reason, am fond of Fulmars. Also a Black Backed Gull, not sure if greater or lesser but I was confused because I didn’t think that gulls came offshore as far as this, however my wild life book (thanks Jean) assures me that they can do but don’t often, living primarily around the coasts.

Hoping to have some better weather soon, particularly for tomorrow because I’d intended to have a wash and shave but won’t if it’s bouncy.

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