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Apologies to Katharine and Jessica, I mis remembered the recipe for Skirly, others might have double checked but I omitted this precaution. The Skirly recipe has no stock in it, I think that, in my imagination, I had decided how I thought it should be and went with that. Apparently it should be like dry stuffing and not like porridge with onions in it. I’ll try again tonight to eke out the haggis.

Yesterday at about Lunch time or just before Alastair reported clumps of seaweed floating past, light brown stuff, looking quite fern like. I took out the boat hook and, lancelot like , tried swooshing some aboard, it was harder than it appeared  as we were doing about 6 knots at the time. I did eventually manage to get several small clumps and fried them in olive oil to have as an amuse bouche for lunch, Alastair and I enjoyed it, Stephen not so much.

I thought I’d show Stephen how easy it was to take a sight and use a calculator rather than sight reduction tables to work it out, I also thought it may be good to see how accurate I could be (I’ve taken loads of sights but never from a yacht), It then took me most of the day to get my formula to work, I thought I must have mis remembered the formula but it wasn’t that it was several other things, I’d applied time the wrong way, the calculator was on some engineering mode rather than degrees and minutes, it took me an embarrassment of time  to work this out, it didn’t help that the calculator isn’t showing all the parts of several digits so one can’t always work out what it is trying to tell one. Once I’d worked it out it appears that my sight taking is less accurate that Stephens as I had a 9 mile error.  I may try again, how much worse can I get?

Graham is kindly helping in our search for a marina berth at the other end, it appears that several of the smaller ones in the Ducth side have been taken over by a single company and they did reply to me but with a gigantic file which I couldn’t down load. Hopefully they’ll send it to Graham who can translate what it says, probably we can just turn up and see if anything is available but it would be good to know and prices seem to varywildly..

750 to go as of a late breakfast time and we’re trogging along at about 7 knots with the wind just abaft the starboard beam.

Pealess fish / seafood risotto last night, I had intended to put some frozen peas into it but forgot so it was a bit of a grey mush texture wise but pretty tasty none the less.

HOpefully today’s run will be an improvement on yesterday’s it’s looking like it’ll be about 170.

Missin your honest sonsie faces

Jock and the gang.

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Jan 25

Take time to brown the onions. Put the oats in en stir. Some recipes put on a little bit of water in the end to fluff the oats. That should dissipate.

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