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Searching for a Shower

We had a nice quiet downwind sail to Salinas yesterday but I had expected it to be, like Ponce, quite quiet in the anchorage whereas it was really full and   Upon going into the inlet there was nowhere to anchor within rowing distance of the beach so I turned around and went to a Cayo another couple of miles down the coast and anchored for the night in a quiet, well, after sunset it was quiet, until then there was pretty awful music blaring from motor boats anchored in a shallow lagoon in the cayo, but they all headed home at sunset leaving me to myself.

I got up at 0600 this morning and have been motoring and sailing towards Palmas del Mar, just South of Humacao where there is a big marina which I hope I will get into for the first decent shower since Havana. I have had 2 or 3 quick ones on the boat since then but don’t really like showering on the boat because of all the varnished wood in the loos.

I’m passing loads of static fishing gear at the moment, it’s all just marked with floating 5 ltr containers and the lines aren’t weighted so quite a liability to propellers.

I’d bought two packs of bacon at ‘econo’ they only seem to have streaky, I thought I’d have bacon and eggs for breakfast for a change, the bacon is about 90% fat, it doesn’t look like it in the packet because the lowest 1/8th of the rasher is meat and they stack them so that this is what’s visible in the packaging. It was still delicious. I’m now having a coffee to wash it down with.

Assuming I get into the marina I’ll maybe spend two nights there and do a bit more shopping because, although it’s expensive here  it is far more so in the Virgin islands and then head over to  Vieques, a Spanish Virgin Island but administered by Puerto Rico from there to the US virgins and then onto the British ones to meet up with crew D.

I started Alain Colas’s book yesterday in which he buys Pen Duick a 70ft alloy trimaran, and takes her around the world via the 3 capes, riveting. Thanks Chris. I am also starting to read some of the guide books on the Virgin Islands, which all sound fun, busier and more commercial than Cuba.


Jock and Yemaya.

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