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Day 3 at Sea

A relatively quiet day, benign winds, fairly sunny yesterday, cloudy today. Apologies for the tardiness of this missive, I forgot to do it this morning and am now doing it at Noon. This may be because I cooked Scrambled egg, bacon and toast for breakfast in my normal blog writing spot.

I’ve not been putting in the day’s runs:

24th 158 run, 151 closer to Azores.

25th 157 run 145 closer to  Azores

26th 177 run 137 closer to Azores - this figure isn’t so good as we are,  because of the forecasts, going Due North so diverting from my planned route to the West. Hopefully the weather predictions will come good and it’ll be the best option.

We had porridge for breakfast yesterday, I made it at 0800 and Patrick had his at 0900 and I then added a little water to what he had not taken and had seconds, thus cleaning the saucepan at  the Same time.  We had left over pasta salad for lunch with some crispbread and cheese. We both dozed a little.

Today is cloudy and the wind is down to 9n knots so I doubt we’ll break records today. Hopefully from Sunday we’ll pick up the Westerlies, that’s what’s forecast although they are a little further South than expected so nothing is guaranteed.

We had leftover lasagne for dinner and this morning I made some moroccan chicken which should do two meals. We’ll keep half of it for Sunday which is due to be rougher.

It’s odd but despite explaining to Patrick on numerous occasions the benefits of tarmacing over the countries rail network to allow far more efficient coaches to run on it, he stubbornly refuses to concede that it is a good idea. Some people!

I finished Dervla Murpy’s book on Cuba yesterday and am now on the ‘Cretan Runner’ written by a Cretan runner with explanation and translation by Patrick Leigh Fermor, it’s fascinating and I wonder if some of the experiences may be similar to Jock’s in the war in, I think, mainland Greece where I believe he was blowing up bridges and things.

Dervla’s Cuban book is also fascinating and puts the pro Castro argument quite well.

Anyway, as you can probably tell, I’m running out of interesting things to say about the sailing so I’ll stop here and get this off.


Jock Patrick and Yemaya.

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Safe travels to the north east & Azores Yemaya!

Great blogs Jock - thank you :) Not only will you be in demand for dinners and speeches on return but I think you need to start another book club in the Kyles - Recommendations for transatlantic sailing trips. 😂

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