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Bloody Land Ahoy!

Abeam Tory Island 0400, so reads the log. I was up a few times in the night to try to avoid bumping into Ireland some bits of it that have been carelessly scattered around. The AIS alarm was going off for ages for a buoy but it’s not appearing on the chartplotter which is boring. Not much traffic around. I have a phone signal and have been reading many e mails which the stupid system sent to my g mail account instead of the Iridium one. Thanks every one.

The wind is still quite strong from the West I’d intended to be motoring along here but as we’re doing 4.5 knots it seems a bit pointless, still running under Jib only with wind above 20 knots. I’m having to gybe because the jib won’t set with the wind more than about 165 degrees from the bow, currenty we’re heading for rocks South of Malin Head having passed the gloriously named Bloody Foreland just before Tory Island.

It’s a lot more comfortable now, the big sea from the SW is disappearing although there is a swell from the West still coming in it’s on the quarter so not nearly so upsetting for poor Freya.

Hoping to be across the North Channel tonight.

Thanks to everyone for welcomes to home waters.

Yesterday’s numbers: 86 miles run and 85 made good.

Todays numbers to Noon 110 miles run with 109 made good, but with the benefit of some engine for a couple of hours.

I’m currently motorsailing at 6.5 knots just past Malin head but the tide’s about to start pushing against me, I’ll head into the shore to maybe miss some of the worst of it and possibly pick up an eddy south of Rathlin tonight. The tide turns in my favour at 1841 by which time I’m hoping to be within striking distance of the North Channel, in which case I should be in Kilbrannan sound late this evening in time to potter up to the village for an arrival in the morning around 1030. If I don’t make the tide tonight at the North channel then it’ll be late afternoon. I’ll need to be at Rathlin latest 2200 for a morning arrival, which, currently I think should be do able.

I’m being serenaded by Ireland’s finest DJs, it makes a change from the music I’ve been listening to but am hoping to get Radio 4 shortly which will be a welcome return to normal. I prefer to catch up with modern music on desert island discs.

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