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Two weeks In

Well we had a fine, hot day yesterday, I had the assymetric up for a few hours with the wind on the beam and doing 2-5 knots before the wind died, I took this opportunity to have a shower, such luxury! By 1330, with the breeze dying, I stowed the big blue assymetric and ran the engine to push us along for half an hour before the breeze filled in again from the SE and we carried on close hauled on port, by late afternoon it was up to a 6 and we double reefed, still making good speed in an appropriate direction.

I read, ‘Left for Dead’ yesterday, Nick Ward’s experience of the 79 Fastnet, a sad but gripping book.

As it was quite bouncy again by dinner time last night I ended up having Carbonara again as it’s such a simple meal, I’m going to force myself to have salad today for lunch as my lettuces won’t last much longer, I have lots of things (non salad, as Sarah and Jessica call them!) like feta, olives, seeds etc to cheer it up and salad dressing; to me the actual salad is really just a conveyance for the dressing from plate to mouth, people who profess to enjoy industrial lettuce etc. are a bit weird in my opinion.

According to my forecast, today is to be light winds but I should have better breezes by tomorrow, here’s hoping for the best!

I will let the marina know tomorrow my Eta, probably it’ll be the 6th and I wont have much maintenance, exploration time before needing to be flying home for work.

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