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Thanks for all the support

Ok, a bit late, I had to go to the boat to get the numbers.

Final log reading, from Plymouth 3415 miles. Final day’s run 63 miles to my mooring at Tighnabruaich.

Thursday we made good progress, I started the engine because I’d sufficient fuel to see me home from Tory Island with no worries. We rounded Malin Head, I called the coastguard to check in with them, primarily in case anyone reported me as being in trouble which I wasn’t. Once around Malin head the tide was due to turn against us so we took the inshore route, close to the entrance to LondonDerry lough, to keep out of it and this worked well. By now we were out of the swell and sea and things were much more comfortable aboard. By afternoon we were passing Port Rush and some offlying rocks. I was still wanting to hug the coast to keep out of the tide so was now heading for Runkerry point at the top end of Bushmills Bay and thought I’d have a wash and shave, I did this and must have taken longer than I’d expected because just as I was thinking I’d better go up and see where we are, the shallow water alarm went off, I rushed up to the cockpit, naked, and saw we were too close to the rocks and heading towards them still. A quick adjustment of the autopilot had us heading back out to safe water again. I suspect that the walkers, and there were a few on the coastal path, wondered what was going on! Probably the most dangerous event of the trip, just when I was starting to relax and think that things were coming to a conclusion. Anyway from here we motored past Rathlin, across the North Channel into home waters with a good following tide by now . I’d given an eta of 1030 on Saturday and it was now about 2200 with only about 40 miles to run so I passed Campbeltown, had a chat with Graham on Ptarmigan who was there for the night on the VHF , and went up to Kildonald Bay to anchor for a few hours sleep.

Next morning I got under way just after 0500 and motor sailed up Kilbrannan sound and into the Kyles. A flotilla of boats came to welcome me which was very touching and much appreciated, we sailed the last few miles in company and then went close in past the Pier where a crowd of wellwhishers were also gathered to welcome me home, a fine welcome thank you everyone.

From here I dropped sails and picked up the mooring, luckily first time, and that was the trip over.

I’m very much enjoying having terra firma under my feet again and being back home and in the Village. Thanks to everyone for their support via messages, prayers and wishes, it has really been appreciated.......

Katharine has pointed out to me that it’s not so obvious or easy to make donations to the Cowal Hospice from their website. I put their details on the first blog of this series but below I have copied it again, so please, if anyone has enjoyed following me, wants to and can afford it, a donation to this charity would be most welcome. Earlier stuff pasted below.

I am however very happy to support a worthwhile local charity and have chosen Cowal Hospice Trust, a place that has been of benefit to many from the Cowal, not least Jill, my mother.

If anyone feels the urge to make a donation to charity on account of my voyage then please donate to the Cowal Hospice Trust, I will make a donation to kick things off. If you wish to mention NOSTAR (see other blogette) in the donation then please do. Donations can be directly via internet, by Cheque to Cowal Hospice Trust, Bank of Scotland, 78 Argyll Street, Dunoon,

PA23 7NE Most people will have internet banking and below are the details needed.

Sort Code is 80/13/46 Account Number 00252725, donations can also be handed into the Hospice charity shop in Dunoon. Anyone making a donation who is a tax payer and is happy for their donation to be topped up by the government from their income tax, please send an email to enable it to be collected on their behalf and anyone in the colonies or in foreign parts and needing the iban code could ask at the same address. I will ask myself and put it up on here when available.

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Matthew Morrison
Matthew Morrison
09 feb 2022

Hi Jock,

A few Gladiateur owners have a Facebook group dedicated to the 33. If you’re using Facebook, please search for Gladiateur 33 to find us. I’m sure you have plenty to share about the boat! Matthew

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Colin Aitken
Colin Aitken
19 giu 2021

Well done Jock - quite an adventure.


Colin Aitken

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Jock Hamilton
Jock Hamilton
16 giu 2021

For anyone in foreign lands wishing to make a donation the iban number for the Cowal Hospice is:

Iban number is gb19bofs8013460025275

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