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St Martin

Sorry, I’ve been a bit remiss about writing anything for a few days. I spent the second day in cycling around the lagoon, going to various chandleries, buying and fitting a new solar panel to replace the damaged one from the trip to the Canaries, buying some toys for the boat like fins, snorkels and masks and a fishing rod.

The freezer had been misbehaving and a local technician came down to have a look at it as well as the fridge which has been ok. But struggling a little in the heat.  Diagnosis was not good and he is supposed to be returning today to fit new parts,- everything, because they are old, knackered and too small to work in the caribbean. He should have been here an hour ago, in the meantime I’ve cooking meat from the freezer and hoping he’lll bring an eski or similar that we can use whilst the fridge is out of service although I’m hoping it’ll be up and running by tonight. I’ve just tried phoning him but got no reply. Hopefully he’ll. be here soon.

I’ve had a couple of runs to the supermarket on my bike and have at least another several to go, I’m obviously, not buying fresh. Ochilled or frozen stuff yet, it broke my heart to throw out some stuff from the freezer that was off but I think I’ve salvaged some chicken and mince which I’ve now cooked to hopefully give it a new lease of life. We had a nice meal out last night at Rosemary’s a local creole restaurant and came back to the boat and Alastair and I discovered a lovely bottle of rum I’d bought in La Palma, there’s not a lot of if left now.

I’ve dropped off my empty gas bottle for re filling and should be able to pick it up this afternoon, I really hope that they can re fill it because the local ones don’t fit in my locker and are about 500 dollars just for the bottle.

Alastair and Stephen are packing and doing last minute stuff ready to catch their aeroplane this afternoon

Just heard from fridge man who won’t be here until 1530. Possibly.

Have done another run to the supermarket for beer, wine milk etc.

Had an unrelaxing lunch with Alastair twitching that they’d be late at the airport,he eventually baled out just before the meal arrived, Stephen and I had our lunch and all arrived at airport with more than an hour so spare.

It’s now 1530 and I’m hoping that the fridge man is about to arrive., then I have to go to see if my gas (cooking) was refilled.

Bye for now from a quieter Yemaya.


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03 feb

Manana, manana life in the caribbean. Hope the fridge will be ok, horrible if food goes off. It will be lovely to have the boat to yourself after sharing her for weeks. Put the music on and relax.

what kind of bike do you have?

Me gusta
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