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Rusty Haggis

The winds on the forecast now seem to be. Indicating some SE in them from Sunday which I’d expect to be unusual and light too, we’re hoping like anything to carry on making 150 mile days on average to. Arrive earlyish on Tuesday morning at a Marina which Graham has found for us which has both showers, and availability, it’s also very reasonably priced, well for St Martin’s anyway, very exciting. It’s the Marina Fort Louis on the French side. Another advantage is that it’s not behind bridge with uncertain opening hours or in waters that aren’t deep or well charted.

We mostly made about 7 knots yesterday which was satisfying, but it’s quite rolly again as the sea / swell has picked up once again.

Stephen kindly practiced his ‘to a haggis’  yesterday, I cooked it up and Stephen did the honours with the poem. As it was a tinned haggis we couldn’t actually slice if for the warm reekin rich entrails bit but all enjoyed it along with a dram we’d not had at sundowners so as to be able to have it with supper. I also managed to make Skirly to Katharine’s recipe which was a lot better than my porridge with onions in it  last attempt thanks again Jessica and Kathaarine.

Yesterday’s distance run ended up being 169

Today’s will likely be a little more and currently we’ve 570 miles to run,

Bye for now

Jock and the team.

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