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Roly Poly

Yesterday afternoon was quite grey and wet, not rain but some drizzle although it brightened up at the end. We got a little charge into the batteries from the solar panels and it turned out to be ample for the night.

The sun is out this morning and batteries charging well already so I’ve put the fridge on again, it’s only really got cheese, chorizo, pate, milk, butter and salami in it but it might as well be on as off when I’ve plenty of power.

The swell has been up a little for the last 24 hours or so and our rolling is horrible. We roll very quickly, sometimes fairly far over and she seems to give a little flick at the end to make it as uncomfortable as possible. It is because there is no mast or sail ~ we have, oddly, too much stability which makes us roll more quickly. It makes cooking particularly difficult.

I had a spicy Butternut dish last night, sort of a recipe from Katharine but with many ingredients swapped about, in basis it was supposed to have roasted butternut and sweet potato covered with a sauce of various spices, almonds, coconut milk, onions and ginger. I had the ginger but the almonds became peanuts, the coconut milk became evaporated milk and tomato puree the spices specified were substituted with curry powder and cardamoms (which I did bring), however it was still quite tasty and I was good and left some for tonight rather than making a greedy guts of myself and scoffing the lot which is what normally happens.

The keyboard wasn’t working this morning, I don’t quite know what it was that cheered it up, I’d changed the batteries a couple of times, turned the ipad off and on, re synced it and re connected it a couple of times whilst it was still sulking, then it started to work again. Hopefully it’ll carry on working until I get home. In fact, thinking about it, it’d be nice to keep working after I get home because my laptop at home has started sulking too and isn’t sending e mails, just coming up with stupid messages and questions which I don’t understand. It’s a few years old so probably has a bug in it to become more and more irritating in the hope that I’ll buy a new one.

Distance run yesterday was 82 miles with 73 miles made good towards home, not sure why there was such a difference although when I woke up yesterday morning we were headed ESE instead of ENE so that might have had something to do with it! Currently we’ve 500 miles or slightly less to go to my next waypoint at Tory Island off NW Ireland and it’s 104 miles from there to Campbeltown so home is starting to feel closer.

No new wildlife to report I’m afraid and the Fulmars, although still around, aren’t nearly as numerous as they had been on the way out.

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