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Revised ETA

Well the winds stayed strong all afternoon and evening. By about 2130 I was noticing lots of traffic i. The opposite direction and then on my Garmin there were 6 points looking like reporting points for North and south bound traffic, I worried that I was in an new TSS and going the wrong way so once a pair of ships had passed I headed off to the West and then, when I found South going traffic, went South again.

Overnight was quite quiet and its light winds this morning, I have, eventually, got the asymmetric up but there's barely enough wind to fill it and so far it’s made no noticeable difference to the speed, we’re stuck at just under 3 knots, it’s a beautiful clear day and we are moving south but frustratingly slowly, I’m starting to worry I may be late for work, hopefully not, it looks like light winds today and tomorrow then filling in.

In my mind I had thought I’d be there tomorrow which would have been two weeks but I’d obviously been being overly optimistic, we’ve 670 miles to run at the moment.

I’ve just finished the 10th book in a series by Julian Stockwin, about a chap in The Navy, They are Hornblower type books and I am thoroughly enjoying them,the author is ex Navy and it all seems really authentic, - thanks Simon, for the recommendation. Unfortunately I’ve no more aboard so will have to choose something else next as I can’t download anything whilst offshore.

The wind’s filling in, we are up to just over rather than just under 3 knots!

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Thanks for the booktip!

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