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Ready for the off!

I’m ready to leave now but just need laundry. I waited for a lot of the day for water yesterday and did a couple of jobs around the boat including swimming around her and scraping ÷ scrubbing off weed and growth from the hulland eventually at about 1730 the water came on, shortly after music started blaring away down the road a little when the electricity came back on and I re filled the water tank.

I had a sunset pina colada at the garage which was great and the smily waitress was back for an additional bonus, they were doing some sort of plate of fries with tomato sauce, cheese and ham spread through it so I had one of those as an appetizer and then went to Donna Nora for dinner. This part of town was without electricity so nothing fried was on the menu and coffee was off but I had ceviche and the special for main, portk cooked in cheese, red wine and pineapple which was good. Pudding was a choice of caramel custard  or not and I did and then walked to the theatre to see if any music / dancing may be on but it wasn’t as there was something on at the theatre.

I went to the local market this morning which. Was interesting, absolutely jammed with people and lots of veg, meat and stuff for sale , some fruit but not a lot. I bought tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, peppers to keep me going but couldnæt find eggs which seem to be a bit of an issue. There are some in the expensive shop at the marina but they are for the charter boats and if I try to buy. Any its always a case of - maybe tomorrow.  

The lady who does the laundry is, apparently, sick, so im hoping that there is someone else on the case, the marina manager is ringing her to see.

Hopefully leaving shortly.

Slainte Jock and Yemaya.  

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09 mar

how spoiled we are with water and electricity in abundance. Good luck with the laundry or hang it behind the boat and nobody can tell the difference 😉


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