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Pressing On

Nothing much of interest happened yesterday, last night was fine until 0600 this morning when the wind picked up to 22 knots and has been there or up to 26 since. I pit a reef in the genoa and a second in the main followed by a second in the genoa and its still blowing hard, the forecast has it increasing til this aftrnoon although only increasing up to what we already have, I’ve tacked so we are now heading NE again towards Haiti where, if my forecast is right, the winds should be lighter. Its wet, bouncy, bangy and pretty miserable at the moment. Ive been soaked a few times but as its warm it doesn’t really matter other than trying not to get too much salt water down below. I also worry about running the engine when we are over on our ears in case it loses oil pressure from the angle of heel but, hopefully there is enougj sun now for keeping up,and by tonight the big winds may have passed.

Slainte jock and Yemaya

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Mar 15

Never a dull moment at sea. Unexpected nasty blow like the channelcreeper

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