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Pottering Towards Puerto Rico

A day of light winds but, because there is little sea or swell, its fine. I am pottering along at 2-3 knots running the engine occasionally to charge the batteries overnight, occasionally too to move when we go below half a knot.

Its been very hot and for some reason i have a cold but its improving. We only made 78 miles yesterday and it won’t be much different today but it is all in the right direction. I omitted to mention yesterday  that a pod of dolphins greeted me about an hour out of cienfuegos bay small jobs which also appear to be an unknown and new species when i try to look them up.

I had a look at the sensor in the grey water tank yesterday which is supposed turn the pump on when the tank is nearly full and turn it off again when it is nearly empty but just turns it on and leaves it on at the moment, it appears there is nothing serviceable on it, I had hoped cleaning it would help but it hasn’t so im going to ask patrick to buy another One to bring out with him. Patrick, please can you bring another whale field sensor, Graham Smart, on the whastapp app group has the details, it is a bout 30 quid i think.

We are currently experiencing NW winds of around 6 knots and are goose winged doing about 3 and a half knots  which is fine.

Colin mentioned that the price of fuel was due to quintuplicate whilst I was there, however by the time i was leaving it hadnt changed being around 50c a litre in american money. It may also be why all the taxis are carrying full jerrycans of fuel in their boots.

I had a sweet and sour pork stir fry with rice last night from a bag of pork chops i had picked up in St Martin, the first time i have tried one, itæs a big bag, I had thought theyd be good for barbecues but so far hadnt tried them.

I filled up with water before leaving having waited for ages for it to come on, it tastes quite muddy but seems to have had no ill effects so far anyway. My remaining eggs are quite old, i only had 5 left when setting off having failed to find any in cuba, well i had  been offered a tray for 20 dollars but only really needed half a dozen so missed that opportunity.  As the remaining ones are old I thought I had better use them before they go off so had scrambled eggs for breakfast on some toast. Lovely. One egg failed the float test but smelled and tasted ok so I still have 3 left.


Jock and Yemaya

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Patrick Dempsey
Patrick Dempsey
Mar 12

Ive ordered the senor. I 'd like to have water when we cross the ocean.

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