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Palmas Del Mar

Well we arrived at Palmas Del Mar yesterday, early afternoon. I couldn’t get my phone to work to ring them so called on the way in on VHF and initially they said that they had n o space, I think because of my draught, but once I’d turned around and started heading  out again they called me back in  and I’ve berthed on the outside of the marina with about a metre still under the keel. They are very friendly here. The whole marina area is a bit of a complex of condos etc and lots of golf buggies for getting around in. I did some washing in their machines and at K’s (the lady at reception) downloaded an app for ‘econo’ to get groceries delivered which, eventually, worked, I ended up having to use K’s telephone number because mine, being foreign didn’t work.

I had a meal at the local plaza which was ok.

I’m booked in for a ride or ‘horseback ride’ as they say here this afternoon and in the meantime am going to cycle to the local forest park which is a couple of miles away. I will probably leave tomorrow.


Jock and Yemaya.

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30 de mar.

Did you see the luminating plancton lakes/ bays ? Fascinating.

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