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Off again - briefly

well, we’re under way again, heading East at 3 knots in about 3 knots of breeze but the stupid wind instrument has yet to wake up., it’s been an annoyance since the begining but normally after a spell in port it seems happiest, not today.

I had set the alarm for 0600 this morning and it didn’t go off, I think the phone ran out of charge, it was plugged in at my berth but I think it wasn’t actually making contact. I cleaned up a little, tightened the bolts on the saloon hatch that I had sikaed yesterday, picked up anchor and went to the fuel berth. I took 43 gallons and was expecting it to be about 50 dollars but not a bit of it, it was about a hundred and fifty dollars, I should have taken the jerrycans to petrol stations to fill up at a third of the price. I also topped up with water. I then went to say good bye to Gary, Anita, Silvie and Sally, who were just emerging after a latish night with a friend aboard til after midnight and then I left. It’s a beautiful morning and I’m only travelling about 15 miles , I expect the breeze will pick up later with the heat, it’s in the South.

Yesterday I spent the morning re fitting the shroud thing around the mast, tightening it down and, hopefully making it watertight. Inevitably the sika I had put in wasn’t quite enough in places, so it didn’t squeeze out everywhere like it should have done but I managed to tighten all 9 nuts without turning the bolts. I also re fitted 3 bolts from the saloon hatch with fresh sikea. Once I’d done that I noticed a voice mail from  Gary saying come for breakfast but as it was already 1200 and I would have been working anyway I replied saying sorry, I’d missed it. I then went ashore intending to go the museum of art, which, seemingly, is great but stopped on the way at Gary’s and found out that the museum it was closed for renovation after damage from a hurricane, only opening on friday afternoons, they gave me lunch, Anita managed to get my phone working on internet again,  (I had managed to turn off mobile data without noticing, apparently) and I then went ashore and cycled into town for some final shopping at ‘econo’ the recommended supermarket for lower prices and returned to the boat with the bicycle  balanced  on the boat too.  Once the food was packed away I put another skim of sika around the deck / shroud plate thing hoping that the more the merrier and had a Rum and Tonic for sundowners, dinner and finished the current final book in the Thomas Kydd series which ends with Norway getting independence from Sweden with some help from our heroes. Then had an early night.


Jock and Yemaya.

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