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My Kingdom for a Teaspoon

Having had a quick success with resetting the keel offset yseterday,  I had breakfast back at the Blue house and then  pottered around the town on my bike looking for teaspoons and clothespegs. I had early success with clothespegs but spent most of the rest of the day not finding teaspoons which was a bit of a surprise but it really doesn’t matter a jot, I’m sure I’ll find them somewhere along the way.  I also had a look around a museum. In the square which was more of an interesting building with good views than an interesting museum because of it’s exhibits I was also looking for a hot spot for my cellphone so as to be able to [try and approve a payment for the regatta berth because my bank. Has declined a payment from the card in antigua because i am in cuba on fraud grounds but because i don’t get a strong internet signal can’t get the app to work properly, of course it’s also possible that it’s just me being stupid, although in this instance, I don’t think so. Most of the town has had no electricity for or it comes on for an hour or two here and there but won’t stay on and it’s likely that this is also affecting the 3g signal. I thought that my phone had run out of credit  but it hasn’t it does work occasionally but just not often and not for long. Whilst searching for stuff I was also on the lookout for a barbers but the few I found were very busy so I postponed a haircut for the time being. When e mails came in there was a very sad one from cousin Chev in Cape Town to say her husband Ric had died, he had been ill for some time. Sarah and Phil kindly invited me to join them  for dinner, they having spent the afternoon  at the Union Hotel enjoying drinks, swims and massages.  In the late afternoon I found a quiet barbers and had a 5 dollar hair cut and then cycled to Sarah, Phil and Peters accommodation for a beer or two before we all went out for a farewell dinner, because I’ve decided it’s too difficult to try to go back to Havana with them as the batteries don’t get enough charge during the day to last the night and I don’t want to re empty the fridge again. We walked from their accommodation to a restaurant down by the water front and had a good meal and couple of mojitos there it had very good loos, not only did it flush and have loo paper it also was clean and had a loo seat, a rare combination here .  Currently there’s no water or electricity at the marina, hopefully I’ll get some water today before all the pressure tomorrow with the charter boats changing over.


Jock and yemaya.

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