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Morning, no great changes, although the forecast is looking like the wind should veer a bit today which should help our direction. We still have a 2 and a bit metre sea swell which makes things bangy and crashy a bit and we occasionally think we are a submarine, burying our noses into the ocean for a sniff around. There have been a few annoying leaks, (sorry Stephen!) in the saloon, i took some of the deckhead lining down yesterday and have tied up some yoghurt pots under a couple of them but it looks like the big  saloon skylight and the mast ring thing need to be re sealed, which i hope to do in Puerto Rico, but often my sikaflex work doesnt so i hope i dont make it worse. The fwd stbd window also seems to leak badly but i dont think i will touch now that in case it opens up a can of worms, but this may explain where water has been coming from that appears behind the stbd settee, also why my books are getting wet. Boats!

Looking through the fridge i found that there was still some mint left that hadn’t gone black so thought i would have a Mojito as a farewell to Cuba sundowner, particularly as its a Sunday.

At about 1600 i went to check that i could get into the freezer for ice, inevitably the lid had frozen shut. I turned the freezer off and by sundown still couldn’t get in. I had a glass if very nice white wine instead, well a tin cup actually but you get the idea. Now i have to mention the wine: in the Canaries i had wanted to buy wine boxes but they had none but did have cartons so i had bought a few. Nearly everyone else has such refined palates and are more used to drinking Margaux 82s that they have been a bit sniffy about drinking these cartons. Well, let me tell you, to improve their flavour all one has to do is get used to drinking one that has been opened for a couple of weeks, then open a new one (its the only wine left on the boat!) and suddenly it tastes amazing!

Anyway after an engine running evolution the freezer opened so, as i had been looking forward to it, I selected the greenest if the mint, the second best lemon, (no limes left and one doesn’t want to use the best remaining lemon)and made a very acceptable mojito in one of the enormous mugs from Salmo, incidentally, if Bridget is reading this, these presents to my father from Blondie are the best things aboard for sailing in choppy seas, I have mentioned them before but they are huge nylon mugs with a broad base which went globetrotting on Salmo with my parents, are indestructible and utterly brilliant i have never seen anything else quite like  them.

Anyway hoping for a better couple of days runs, yesterdays was pityful at 135 run but only 63 in the right direction.

Slainte jock and yemaya.

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