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Life on Board ...

The wind is a little lighter today, we lowered the genoa  and re did the knot at the top so that the wear was in a different place. We’re now running goosewinged with the main out to port but I believe that this may all be a bit boring for some.

So: Stephen’s beard is coming along nicely not yet looking like Captain birdseye although the colour is about right, Alastair’s is similar and I couldn’t abide mine so had a shave this morning along with a bit of a wash. I had been going to have a quick shower on Saturday but Alastair couldn’t go along with that profligate use of water when not quite at the finish line so in deference to his sensibilities I refrained. I can’t smell myself yet and they have yet to complain so, hopefully, the ripeness is about bearable.

Sleeping wise Stephen wished that he had put his leecloth up lastnight with the rolling around that was going on and Alastair was also less comfortable than he would have liked, it seemed fine to me I occasionally have to roll over in my bunk to find a cooler spot.

It’s  getting warmer all the time and I may need to remove the duvet from it’s cover and just go with the cover soon.

At night it’s still not very warm, in fact it was raining a bit last night as squalls passed through. On one of them, with fairly heavy rain I decided to seek shelter down below and put the kettle on, the rain driving. Onto the touchscreen of the chart plotter turned the autopilot off and the next thing I knew the sail was flogging as she rounded up into the wind and I had to dash back to the cockpit to re take control.

Another bird appeared this morning but apart from being pretty and whitish below and dark above we’ve not managed to recall sufficient to identify it.

There was a moonbow last night. I’m not sure if that’s the right term and I’ve never seen one before but a crescent of whitish light  looking like a rainbow but at night without the sun but a strong moon.

We had a roast dinner last night as it was Sunday, a loin of pork, I was worried that it may be bacon and turn out very salty but it wasn’t so was fine and I think it worked quite well even if the roast potatoes weren’t quite perfect and stuck to the roasting tray a little. We had a cross between gravy and ladybird sauce with it - Ladybird sauce is a family accompaniment to boiled bacon sort of sweet and sour with tomato ketchup in it.

When it comes to sail plans I’m the one wanting lots up most of the time, Alastair wants  as little up as possible but, counterintuitively also wants to be going faster all the time  and Stephen takes the sensible middle way option which is generally what we go for.

Having the main up does reduce the roll and with the genoa out on the opposite side we’re presenting more ail to the lighter wind but are whingeing a bit because we’re only making about 6.5 knots rather than 7-8 as we had been.

On the emergency rations front (snacks) Stephen seems to have the lowest threshold for breaking into them, partly  helped by them being stowed above his bunk so if anyone  else goes looking for them in the night watches they would disturb his slumbers.

Numbers wise we did 166 miles yesterday and 162 today, probably tomorrow will be similar. We have 1157 to go at the moment and Alastair is avidly watching for when it comes down to hundreds rather than thousands.

I’ve e mailed a couple of marinas in St Maarten about berths but not heard back as yet, hopefully we’ll find a spot, shopping, socialising and laundry etc. are far easier from a marina than from at anchor.

Well that’s all for now, lovely warm trade wind day here

Jock and the gang.

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