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To anyone who thinks I’ve not replied to an email, or who thinks that they have sent me an e mail, there is an anomoly in the email system. If you press ‘reply’ to one that I have sent you, then it puts the wrong e mail address in the address bar. It uses my gmail address, which won’t work. You have to make sure that the address is the iridium one, not the

gmail one. It may be, but I’m not sure, that if you press ‘reply all’ then it will use both.

Good luck to Spirit of May at the Scottish Series.

I finished my fresh milk yesterday, it didn’t do badly, I bought it on the Saturday before we sailed so nearly 3 weeks ago and the fridge has been off for the last few days. I’m now onto UHT.

More good news - I found my torch which I thought I’d lost the day I set up my jury rig. (Actually I also thought that Id lost it the day the rig went but then it turned up, rolling around on deck later in the afternoon), this time it turned up inside my oilskin trousers where it had been hiding between them and my boots. Its a mini maglight which, along with a multitool, i keep on my belt nearly all the time.

We made good progress yesterday, 108 miles logged noon to noon, the previous 2 days had been 70 with 67 on the first day after the dismasting.

A quiet day yesterday, the wind was from the SW and we were mostly doin around 4 knots, todays run to noon wont be as good as yesterdays, but we are going in the right direction and all is still well.

I seem to have lost my keyboard this morning, i guess too much sea water has splashed onto it so this is being typed one finger at a time which is a bore, ill try giving it a fresh water wash and dry out but suspect that its going to be difficult to dry.

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