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Jock of the Bay

Well a fairly miserable 24 hours. I rolled up the genoa and set the main with 1 instead of 2 reefs, shes much more comfortable but the speed is still way down what it was with some genoa out, however that was unsustainable, we were then making about 4 knots as opposed to 5.5 with some genoa. In the afternoon the wind picked up and we increased to 5 knots. Overnight with the wind up again 1 put another reef in the main again. She’s quite happy its not very comfortable.

I had made haggis and neaps the night before last so had the leftovers last night. I was going to have strawberries and cream afterwards but the strawberries (bought reduced at the co in Rothesay) were not in the best condition and I dumped most of them, having opened the cream it seemed a shame to waste it so I drank that, delicious, as expected.

Hooefully the wind will veer later this afternoon, most of the forecasts have this and we can hopefully start to make so e meaningful distance to the south.

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