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In the Cayos

We’re now sitting at anchor off  the first Island to port having come into the Cayos yesterday in time for a late lunch. It is beautiful clear blue water but we’re about half a mile from the beach and it’s not particularly interesting. We had a very good sail yesterday and as we came through the channel spotted some what we think are local dive boats off Cayo de los labarintos de los doce leguas.

We are planning to go to Cayo Cuervo today. We had been planning on Cayo Manuel Gomez but the weather seems to be from the West so that maybe better tomorrow. Our French friends arrived last night with a different name on their AIS and a Belgian flag instead of French so we’re not quite sure what that is all about or where they have been in between.

We had a ray and chickpea with tomato stew and couscous last night and a couple of songs came out, it appears the men are either better singers than the girls or less inhibited perhaps!  An amusing couple of games of Perudo was had in the evening with, satisfyingly, different winners and losers to both games. Then a thundershower sent us all below for the night.


Jock and all.

PS Note from Blog Editor - owing to time zone differences and a couple of emailed texts disappearing temporarily in our Spam folder, the regular flow of Blogs from Jock has been somewhat irregular over the last few days, which is why 3 have been published today. But that's everything bang up to date now.......

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