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Frustrating Day

Well it’s the middle of the afternoon and I’m still waiting for the fridge chap. He says he’ll be here soon, I’m optimisticer than I had been. I don’t think We’ll get away today because by the time he’s finished and I’ve shopped it’ll be too late to clear out.

On the positive side I have re insured the house which was due to be uninsured from tomorrow and I’d forgotten about it - it’s easy to delete what you think is junk email from compare the market and tesco insurance thinking it’s junk when it’s important info telling me to buck up! It was a little frustrating because a couple of times I came close to spending money on it and the connection was lost, along with all the details I’d put in. Eventually I went to the marina office to use the wifi there which worked ok.

It’s still blowing old boots, 20-30 knots but from the South so should be good for making distance. We’ve 750 miles to go and assuming we go at about 6 knots that’s about 5 days so even leaving tomorrow morning should get me in in time to get some washing done so there are clean sheets for the arriving guests. 

Just had a call from Katharine and the fridge man is here and it’s not good news as there may (but hopefully isn’t) a leak in the fridge side of the system, he’s not sure, it may be the guage….. anyway he has to vacuum it again and leave it overnight to see. Hoping it’s going to be OK, if it’s a leak I’m  not sure what the timescale will become. Hopefully we’ll have a freezer running tonight anyway. I’ll have to keep buying ice cubes for the fridge for now. 

Hey ho! The joys of cruising or as someone once put it; ‘Boat maintenance in hot countries!’



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