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Finding the Balance


Well it looks like although I gave the keyoard a good wash it stll won’t do a couple of letters sorry. <editors note - I’ve put the b’s and n's back in as est I ca>

Its a strange day, it’s blowing about 20 knots and with the staysail out and two reefs in the main she’s really slow, with a bit of genoa out she’s up to 6 knots again but it’s a horrible shape and I think not too good long term I’ll try more main and stow the genoa and hopefully that will be bettter. It’s also pretty uncomfortable as we bang into many of the waves and I think she’d be happier at about 5. Knots, less banging ad less water on deck

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23 sept. 2023

The weather is not kind to you. Slow down and let it pass?

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