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Drying Out

Not too bad a day yesterday, nice winds, well, nice strengths, still bang on the nose. I put some dyneema antinchafe sleeve on my spare genoa halyard, I suppose I should swap it out in La Palma for the next bit, depending upon how it looks. I still have the topping lift to do - put anti chafe sleeve on, and this will be my spare main halyard, I think that I will swap this one out because the sleeve that I will put on the topping lift will be long enough to protect at full sail and at one reef wheras the one on the halyard at t he moment is only protecting at full sail. I looked in the Lazarette yesterday, this is the locker right aft, which has a hatch opening up un deck, and there was a fair bit if water in it, so I got rid of that, I think that this is where some water is appearing in the aft cabin from. I suppose that in bad weather, with water often flowing over the hatch lid some gets down below, it shouldn’t because it has deep drained gutters but I think that they aren’t draining fast enough in poor weather.

A gas tanker passed about half a mile from me yesterday, apart from a geological survey boat in the gale in Biscay, thats the closest we’ve been to other traffic. I think having the AIS- a vhf transmitter which sends and receives position course and speed data to other vessels within range is a really useful gadget.

I’m in the middle of reading Ian Nicolson’s (surveyor from Rhu, still working and racing in his 90s) trilogy of sailing books which are enjoyable, it’s amusing the changes over the years, he was often asking passing ships to report him to Lloyds so that family could have news of him.

The weather, contrary to to my forecasts picked up,last night and its blowing a bit harder again, I’m on the port tack at the moment and will probably tack onto starboard around lunch time.

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