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Day 4 in Cuba, I think….no, 5.


We set off yesterday reasonably promptly as we had nearly 50 miles to cover to come here. It all got a little exciting just after we’d left the lagoon when water appeared above the floor boards in the saloon, after some investigation it turned out that a fitting at the forward loo had failed and water was coming in there.

Turning off the seacock stopped it quickly, the bilge was pumped and Colin refitted the pipe onto the fitting ( a plastic connector) and all was back to normal. The wind was light yesterday, we sailed from about 0900 til 1430  with the asymmetric up making about 3-4 knots but weren’t quite going to make it to the anchorage for dusk so then motored again arriving at sunset at Marea Del Portillo, a quiet lagoon with a straighforward entrance.

We had hoped to arrive in time to go snorkelling at Cayo Blanco another 5 miles West but are going to do that this morning and then have an overnight sail to the area of Cayos between Cabo Cruz and Cienfuegos. Christine and Jennifer made a lovely chicken and leak in tarragon with mash dinner and we had another relatively early night to the sounds of a steel band at a hotel across the bay. We had some  of the discounted rum that had gone from 70 to 20 dollars a bottle as sundowners which was delicious; caramely.

I’ve just got up and started the engine to put a little charge in the batteries which seemed a little lower than expected this morning and we’ll be heading off soon.


Jock and all.

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