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Coiled Springs!

So Jock has his springs coiled and the unofficial NOSTAR is set to get underway tomorrow, Sunday 9th May 2021 at 12:00. The start line is from the West end of Plymouth Sound Breakwater to the Queen's Ground Port Buoy.

Weather at the start is looking lively with strong South-Westerly winds and with heavy shipping, Jock will have limited blogging opportunity for the first few days.

Freya's AIS transponder has been playing up and has replaced with a new unit at the last minute. This means that while they will still be visible to other ships, may lose them for a while. The predictwind satellite tracker will still update every hour.

Entrants are:

Jock Hamilton Freya Wauquiez Gladiateur 33 Track

Ertan Beskardes Lazy Otter Rustler 36 Track

Guido Cantini Hannah of Cowes Vancouver 34 Track

Charlene Howard AJ Wanderlust Jeanneau 45 Track

Good luck and fair winds all!

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