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Cayo Balnco 21st Feb

We went to Cayo Blanco de Casilda yesterday, another nice but slightly more leisurely sail. The wind had been due to be light so, when I awoke at 0700, with a decent breeze I gently awoke everyone else with calls of ‘we’re burning daylight, there’s a lovely breeze!’  Sue screamed  with surprise although I suspect it was a bit affected because she’d already said a cheery good morning to me, and, with almost no moaning at all, everybody got up to assist in getting under weigh.   


Food’s doing ok so we had bacon, toast and scrambled eggs for breakfast arriving at Cayo Blanco at about lunch time for which we had garlic lobster in penne pasta. It really is quite a difficult life. Anchoring was done a couple of times to get closer to the wreck which looked like a good snorkelling spot, and swimming and snorkelling, reading, dozing took up the afternoon. The Cayo is used as a destination by hotels from Casilda and we met the security who had a good selection of fish and lobster but we are running out of room in the freezer. There are also tame - ish iguanas running around the dining area. The island is surrounded by white sand beaches with tropical vegetation and  mangroves and palms etc amongst it all.

The anchorage is not a good one and just before sunset we moved a little further offshore to give us a little sea room for the night. The weather is settled. The holding is soft sand and even my anchor is not great at holding in it. We set an anchor alarm for the night and Christine woke me up in the middle of it as she was worried we were dragging. We weren’t but it’s good to know others are also keeping an eye and ear on our situation overnight.

I made some, if I say so myself, absolutely delicious, fishcakes for dinner and we had a gin and tonic followed by some one Euro per litre red wine from Lidl in the Canaries, largely because there’s very little  of anything else left by now, the hardships we have to endure! A game of Perudo followed dinner which Colin, having done well at last year, seems to be struggling with, often coming up with extraordinary calls but it does mean he goes out quickly so that seems to cheer him up.

We’re now on our way to Cienfuegos with asymmetric up and a light breeze from the NE moving us along, another burning daylight call was made this morning because there was some wind, and from a reasonable direction - it’s due to go on the nose at some point.

Well that’s all for now from the blog of what’s actually happening.

Jock and all

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