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Blessed are the Cheesemakers

What happened with the yoghurt, you may be asking. Ah…..and well you may ask. A new experience for me. I made cottage cheese! So no yoghurt but some very tasty cottage cheese. I’m not sure what I did wrong, I suspect putting it onTop of the engine was too hot for it so the biology changed. Also with fresh milk I normally pre warm it before adding the yoghurt starter (with uht it’s not needed) and this time I didn’t, so that may have made a difference, possibly too it could be the filtered milk, who knows?

Lunchtime yesterday I decided to slow down so as to arrive on Friday morning we were doing 6.5 knots with the out and the staysail Set, Rolling up the genoa I thought would slow us right down but we were still doing 5 knots so I went a little to the west to compensate, we’ve had a fairly comfortable day, still rolling a fair bit but moving easily and we should arrive at coffee time on Friday rather than this evening, possibly after dark. My almanac has the Canaries on Spanish time, which is GMT + 2, this makes dawn late around 0830 which seems odd.

Not sure how big the Spanish are on rugby but hopefully I’ll find somewhere to watch the match at the weekend.

I’m not sure but I read in my Atlantic crossing guide that the Canaries aren’t in The EU, I’m not sure if this is still the case or whether it matters in any way. I think it’s the most up to date copy but it’s still 20 years old now.

I picked up a hitch hiker yesterday, as always I can’t identify him from my bird books, he could be a sand piper but has red legs, he’s quite friendly but poos a lot. I wondered if he was thirsty and put a pot of water out for him but he’s not shown much interest at least whilst I have been watching him. Speaking of wildlife I thought I saw a dolphin jumping into the air yesterday a few hundred metres away but when he jumped again I think it was a whopping great marline. Obviously, having attracted my attention, it didn’t reappear. It was certainly a big fish but not certainly a marline. He landed in that awkward shoulder flop kind of way that Marline seem to do sometimes.

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Oct 05, 2023

Yes, EU like the Azores.

So how did you make cottage cheese?

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