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Birthday and crew C arrive 3rd march

I opened my cards in the morning thanks, and a birthday present of new flip flops from Sue as my current safety flip flops are beginning to fall to bits, together with a handkerchief sized local flag. 

We are now onto our next crew, Sarah, Phil and Pete their son. 

I spent a happy birthday making fishcakes and cycling around the town in search of mojito ingredients and fruit and veg.  The shopping here is tricky as most shops are empty, the government ones that accept pesos having almost nothing in them, and the ones where only foreign currency, via credit card, are the only payment means, don't have a great selection either but I did get some bits and pieces including some beer, local cola, fizzy water, lemonade, tomatoes, carrots, papaya and pineapple (I had hoped to buy eggs but didn't manage any on my own, I was offered a tray but for too much money and only really want about 10).

I enjoyed the cycling around and found many more cafes and areas than we’d seen when confined to our feet.

I had help getting mint and lime juice from friends at the marina and had a beer at sunset at the beach. 

Crew C had thought that they’d arrive between 6.30 and 7.00 and by about quarter to eight, I thought I’d have a shave to tidy up and, of course they arrived at that moment so I greeted them topless. 

After greetings and happy birthdays, we had our mojitos which worked well, and then fishcakes with some beans and a little salad for Sarah. The plan was to go to the garage for pina coladas for pudding followed by a trip to the theatre for some local music and dancing. Unfortunately the garage had run out of sugar, so pina coladas were off and we had to have daquiris for pudding, life can be tough at times. From here we set off with Phil and I in the lead for the theatre for some music and dancing, but after a little it turned out that we'd lost Sarah and Peter. We turned around and went back to the boat but they weren’t there either, Phil was a little worried, but I didn't think that they’d come to much harm. Phil went back out to look for them and returned within minutes with them both, apparently we’d walked too fast for them, but I suspect they’d not been too bothered about wanting to dance and dawdled, anyway we had a cup of tea, discussed plans, slightly difficult from here as the first island is 50 miles away and by the time we check out and everything won’t have time to go there and back in time for them to leave on Wednesday, we will sail locally and see if some snorkelling off a reef is possible.

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