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Bay City Rollers

Yesterday morning was horrible but we tacked and headed north and once wed made some northing the sea came down a little as did the wind,, we continued into the bay tacking at about 1700, at which time we had a good view of the cliffs and hills of Haiti, and headed back out again. Re heated penne bolognese was. On the menu and. By the time i had it re heated and ready to eat the wind and sea were up again so we tacked back and spent the night heading back into the bay and, as hoped, the wind and sea calmed down as we did so. Having read the pilot books it appears that theres no issue with sailing close to Cabo beata so i thought i would sail inshore and stay in the bay to hopefully avoid the scruffy sea and that is what we  are doing. 0531 this morning saw a calm patch appear, by the time i had reached the cockpit and gybed back on to heading a breeze from the same direction was picking up again, i reckoned we were in the transition zone between the land breeze and the trades and with the time, land breezes are night time affairs, decided not to try to work my way into bit but to tack back out again and hope to stay in whatever breeze i now had. This worked, i had put up full sail by now and just after breakfast, half an hour ago, we tacked back in again having met some lumps on the nose which were stopping us, we will close the coast  a little again probably go closer inshore than looks necessary but the wind is likely to veer. Later so i think it sensible to go a little further in, however time will tell.

Breakfast was a pineapple which was going off so there was only about half of. it edible but jolly good that half was and dried toast and marmalade. The marmalde is liquid in these temperatures so toast and marmalade involved a mouthful o f toast followed by a spoonful of marmalade. I normally have porridge or cereal for breakfast but have none left so was pleased to find another box of dried toast which i had bought in st martin when overstocking up for Cuba knowing food wasn’t straightforward to find there. I could bake some bread but it makes the cabin so hot i probably will use that as en excuse not to.   

Well weve ticked off cuba, jamaica and. nearly haiti now on the way to puerto rico, the only one left to tick off is the domincan republic, although it is pretty big. We have 333 miles to run at the moment, yesterdays days run was better than expected at 128 miles with 91 of them being in the right direction so to speak, ie we had 91 miles fewer to go at 12oo yesterday than we had the day before, the extra miles being us tacking back and forth.

Slainte, jock and yemaya   

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