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Batteries Not Included

The batteries are getting worse by the day, it just means i have to start the engine more often, overnight, but for half an hour by which time they have gone from taking 40 amps to 5 amps at which point it’s not really worth running the engine but once stopped i only get about an hour and 20 minutes from them.

I’m feeling a bit better this morning, it was a bouncy night and continues bouncy, i have 2 reefs in the main and one in the genoa the wind is 18 to 21 knots right on the nose with a moderate sea, obviously, against us. We did 117 miles yesterday but only ended up 84 miles closer to our destination.   {I was reading a rather dull book on ring netting that i have had for some time, well it is interesting but hard to read, anyway i treated myself to starting another thomas kydd book, which i have downloaded onto my kindle and that is much more exciting, i cant thank simon enough for introducing me to this series, a hornblower type series, brilliant.{Its hot and stuffy down below and too wet to do this on deck so thatll do fortoday

Slainte jock and Yemaya.

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