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Arrived Horta, Azores

We arrived in Horta yesterday at dawn and went to anchor. Once cleared in we were given a berth on the inside which was ok to get into, if there’s a breeze blowing us onto the berth I’m not sure how easy it’ll be to get off from tomorrow but we’ll hope for the best.

Horta is beautiful and busier than when I was last here on Blue Leopard. Showers were wonderful.

We pottered around the town and had breakfast at a bakery before getting on with jobs.

Hunter, a friend of Pip’s joined us in the afternoon and we went to Peter’s Sport cafe for dinner which was great. There was some event on at a church with live music and country dancing which we watched for a little, not dissimilar to ceilidh dancing bet with everyone in a circle and a caller. After that we had an early night and have shopping and sail repairs on the agenda for today.

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May 10

And leaving so soon these besutiful islands??


May 10

Congrats on your arrival

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