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Well good afternoon / evening everyone and thanks for all your messages of congratulations.I’m by myself on the boat at the moment Stephen is looking around the local area for a restaurant called Rosemary’s for tonight which comes recommended by the laundry lady. I’m the only one to not have had a shower yet but it’s still sweltering  so I’m happy to wait. We had a great lunch at Plongeoirs’s  a restaurant just off the dock.I had my favourite kind of salad with loads of chicken, bacon parmesan and dressing on it Stephen had a John Dory in a creamy sauce and Alastair a seafood pasta. All very good.

We had a strange day yesterday mostly going well but the wind had come around to the SE for most of the day but, oddly, going to SW for an hour and a half at lunch time, it put our eta back a little but nothing too much we dropped anchor close to some square riggers in the bay and came to the fuel dock this morning before  backing into the marina where we now are sitting.

We only took 100litres of fuel much less than anticipated  which was good. We’ve yet to top up the water but will do tomorrow.

Arriving last night was lovely, a braw, bright, moonlit night and once we’d brought up  to the anchor we had a bottle of bubbly, some cheese and a beer befor going to bed for a few hours.

The marina seems great, there are several superyachts in too so the view is good as the stewardesses parade up and down..

More later, too busy

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