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... and they're off!

A flying start from Jock in full view of his Tighnabruaich neighbour on RFA Wave Knight - who wasn’t looking!

The route takes the boats to the East of the Eddystone Lighthouse and then to the finish at Castle Hill Lighthouse, Newport, RI.

No news from Jock yet although AJ Wanderlust, who are sailing two handed, have managed a couple blogs - please click AJ Wanderlust button above to see their Yellow Brick tracker and blog. Lazy Otter can also be tracked but I don’t think Hannah of Cowes has a tracker so can only be followed on Marinetraffic or VesselFinder until out of range. Guido on Hannah has said he will send blogs so we should be able to update their position.

Hope all goes well as the fleet heads into their first night at sea.

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May 10, 2021

Quite a bit of weather to start out in, gusty here in Penzance, I will wave to them as they sail by metaphoricaly speaking!! Stay safe guys!! Nancy

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