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Alastair the cook!

Well we’re shooting along at nearly 9 kts  we had just the Genoa out on the pole to starboard from tea time last night and the Wind has veered to the South East, we hoisted the main just before breakfast and have been making a good speed on a reach ever since.

Currently 70 miles to run to the Waypoint with about 15 to go after that to the anchorage off the marina. We did 158 miles to noon today so it will be the first day’s run of 185 miles tha will stand as the record for the trip.

There’s been a certain amount of pants washing today as although we’re expecting to find a laundry upon arrival it may be nice to have cleanish clothes when interacting with people who have not been with us on the boat for the last 3 weeks.

Well Alastair finally became chef for the evening last night and made a very good Lasagne, a little of which is now in the freezer for another time. Just one portion so will probably be for me once we’ve left St Martin.

We were topping up the fuel tank from the jerrycans in the Lazarette and the filler pipe started to overflow once we’d added just 30 litres, it would be nice to think that we’d only used 30 litres on our perigrinations however, sadly this will not be the case, it’s just that the filler is on the starboard side and even though we turned a little downwind the filler is now the lowest point on the system so we can’t currently get anymore in, I’m only doing it because the fuel in the cans is from last year and with modern fuels one doesn’t want to keep it too long, I suspect as with most things, this will be something that Tony Blair had a hand in stuffing up.

Stephen has also removed my wodge of expanding foam from the anchor chain spurling pipe, what a good word that is, in preparation for re attaching the anchor prior to arrival which we’ll do later this afternoon.

For the  regatta I’m doing at the end of the season I have to be measured by the Caribbean Sailing association, what a palaver that is, I’m hoping someone may be able to come down in St Martin before I leave and am in comms with North Sails, who have a member of staff as an accredited wielder of tapes but I’m suspecting that it won’t be that easy and I may be chasing the system up until the last minute.

Not quite a last day of term feeling at the moment but not a million miles away from it either.

Well that’s all for. now Lunch to prepare


Jock, Chef Alastair and Stephen..

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