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3rd April. Again. Sorry.

I spent yesterday doing some laundry, tightening the rigging, blowing up the big dinghy and various odd jobs around the boat. I went ashore at about 1600 to see how far it was to the airpoirt - about 5 minutes walk and to see what there was ashore. There are several beach bars / restaurants, a craft shop which seems to be based on a potter but with other souvenirs of an arty nature too, they. Appear too, to sell vegetables and so on but nothing was available by the time I looked, I’ll look again this morning. There is a small shop too and a watersports business.

I went back to the boat for sunset because I knew that the moorings people collected money then, which they did, 40 dollars which seems steep for what they provide but there we are. 

Once that was done I rowed ashore again for a plate of roti, which seems to be a local dish, a big round flatbread, not dissimilar to an Indian roti but thicker, wrapping up a curried concoction. on the inside. A good meal, I had the vegetarian option on account of the chicken not being available.

Once I’ve cleaned up a bit I’ll have a shower and go to meet everyone off the plane, which, hopefully, lands at 1140 ish.


Jock and Yemaya. Sent from my iPad

My satphone doesn’t seem to want to work well in this anchorage but I have a phone signal so am using that.

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