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1111 nm to go

Well the day’s run to noon wasn’t bad at  172 but no record. Most of yesterday we were making a good speed with the wind on the beam or thereabouts with it forecast to go around to the NNW later, it actually veered quite suddenly at 2100 and increased at the same time. We put the staysail up and have had an uncomfortable night close reaching in 3m sea/swell but have mostly been making a good speed.

The ice cream container that I put up to catch drips needs to be emptied every 3 hours now.

We’ve seen the odd ship on the AIS and some birds.

Hunter,  as a nicotine addict braves the aft end of the cockpit for his fix every now and again, its hard to see how it can be a pleasure.

We’ve, currently, 1111 miles to run.

Cooking is quite challenging at the moment, we’ve just had porridge for breakfast but have no leftovers for dinner so I’ll have to try to make something. One job I did in the Azores was to put up two brackets across the galley with a length of rope between them and this is a big improvement for security whilst cooking on the port tack which we’ll likely be on until nearly home.


Jock and all.

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May 13

Good idea, safety first. Beans, tin of tomatoes and tin of corn…

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